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Travel tips for bus rides in Singapore and Malaysia

Posted by on Jul 10, 2016 in BEST GUIDE Bus From KL to Singapore, Travel tips for bus rides in Singapore and Malaysia, Trip to Singapore/Malaysia |


Traveling around Singapore and Malaysia by bus has never been this cheaper and enjoyable all thanks to the readily available buses which normally operates all day and all night,it is always one of the best ideas to take a bus ride from Singapore to Malaysia because most of the buses pick you from your room and drop you back on time.Most people came to Malaysia or Singapore but have no idea on how to get the comfortable and safety rides,if you are new or you have been in the two places then the below travel tips for bus tides in Singapore and Malaysia can help have a secure and successful stay in both cities,some of these travel tips are:

Book your bus ticket in advance.

In Singapore and Malaysia there are special travel agencies & bus companies like Bintang Jaya, Delima, Grassland, Konsortium Malaysia, Transnasional, Transtar Travel, Freesia, Mara Liner, GT Bhai Express, CS Travel, Etika Express, Selat Keris, Maju Express, Causeway Link Express, Shamisha Express, Nam Ho Travel, Star Shuttle, Pacific Express, Konsortium Singapore, Nice Coach, Golden Coach, Plusliner Bus, Sairah Express, Coach Hub, KKKL Express, City Express, Nini Express, Sri Maju and other bus companies who provides bus tickets to people at an affordable prices,it is always good to get tickets from them some hours or days before because this will help you organize and plan yourself for the travel ,booking a ticket in advance will save you time and of course money,you will be relieved from long queuing in the bus station and you will get to seat in the best place inside the bus where you will get good viewing of Singapore and Malaysia attractions.

Be on bus station on time.

After you have bought your ticket it is also wise of you to observe time,usually the ticket indicates the time you are supposed to depart.If the bus is coming to pick you from your hotel then be ready and steady early enough so as to save both your time and those other passengers and if you are going to board the bus at the station always be there some minutes before the engine starts,it is the best way to travel when you observe time especially with bus rides.


Avoid congested buses.

Some buses have greedy managers and drivers,they want to make traveling uncomfortable for passengers thus why they always carry extra,it is not healthy and safe to travel in a congested bus,if for example you booked a ticket then you realize that you are two in a seat which is suppose to be yours alone then ask for your ticket to be cancel or report the bus agency to the authorities,safety above everything else comes first in traveling.

Avoid speedy buses.

Speedy drivers will spoil you stay in either Singapore or Malaysia,they will make your ride uncomfortable and risk,when traveling you ought to see the best attractions in the two places,things like rivers,roads among others and in a speedy bus you will see absolutely nothing hence making your travel s boring one so by all means avoid congested buses.


Don’t drink and travel.

Maybe you are out on fun and you want to have a bottle to quench your thirsty and steady your nerves,do not do that if you have a trip ahead,you will definitely end up in jail or taken to a wrong destination because the comfortable and relaxing seats in the buses will definitely make you sleep,it is good to be sober when traveling.

If you stick to the above tips of traveling around Malaysia and Singapore then you will have the most enjoyable and successful trip that you will leave to remember.

Shopping at Singapore

Posted by on Nov 8, 2015 in BEST GUIDE Bus From KL to Singapore, Travel tips for bus rides in Singapore and Malaysia, Trip to Singapore/Malaysia |

Singapore’s insanity for shopping practically equals its fixation on nourishment, and scarcely a year passes by without an immeasurable new retail stone monument tossing open its entryways. Costs may be higher than in Malaysia and Thailand, yet Singapore beats its neighbors for perfect accommodation and commonality. Gadgets and PCs are no more the take-ups they once were. However, they can be less expensive gave you get your work done and look around. Garments are cheaper than in most Western nations, and you can get sensibly estimated Asian obsolescence provided you recognize what you are doing.

Haji Lane

Squint and you’d walk directly past this slender following way in Kampong Glam without the slightest hesitation, however, Haji Lane is a position of the journey for Singapore’s popular people. Boutiques here transparent speedier than convenient form bloggers can stay aware of. However, you can make certain to locate an impressive scope of fresh women’s and menswear, embellishments and homewares amid any visit – alongside a nice bunch of charming bistros and bars. One of the most popular stores that have stood the test of time is exclusive womenswear boutique Dulcetfig.


Little India

A world separated from the glimmering shopping centers of Orchard Road, Little India’s rickety lanes are a fortune trove of workmanship, obsolescence, materials, sustenance, and music while the notorious 24-hour Mustafa Center retail chain is an involvement in itself. Sharp bargainers can score cut-value gadgets here while PC user will well at Sim Lim Square. Heading down towards Kampong Glam, you’ll discover painstaking work, materials, and boutiques and, sandwiched between the two ranges, the altogether un-Singaporean “hoodlums” market.’ A short leave is the old neighborhood of Bugis, which, while entirely found neither in Little India or Kampong Glam, has something of the air of both.

Holland Road Shopping Center

It is impossible to say whether this maturing strip mall will survive Singapore’s madness for redevelopment, however if it does, this magnet for expats and in vogue Singaporeans is an incredible spot for craftsmanship, painstaking work, endowments, homeware and casual style. Lim’s Arts and Living is a virtual reference book of home decorations, Island and Archipelago (Shop 05, Level 2) offers retro, beachy dresses while EMF (Shop 24, Level 2) has a substantial choice of used books available to be purchased, lease or exchange. Confining Angie (Shop 02, Level 3) is a display that’ll likewise case pictures. On Level 3 there’s a progression of the back rub and reflexology shops to calm shop-tired appendages.

Dempsey Road

Dempsey Rd, southwest of Singapore Agricultural Gardens off Holland Rd, has blasted as of late, as more of the frontier armed force sleeping quarters structures have been transformed into a top of the line eateries and bars. Cheerfully, a large portion of the workmanship and obsolescent shops that populated the range before the blast has survived, and amid the daytime it is a serene, verging on the indigenous territory to meander around, scrutinizing anything from Kashmiri floor coverings and teak furniture to arranging decorations and obsolescent. Pasardina Fine Living (No 13) has almost everything beautifying and Asian for the home while Asiatique (No 14) stocks Indonesian furniture produced using reused wood. Eastern Discoveries has a radiant scope of obsolescence from around the local.

Discovering the beauties of Penang

Posted by on Nov 3, 2015 in BEST GUIDE Bus From KL to Singapore, Travel tips for bus rides in Singapore and Malaysia, Trip to Singapore/Malaysia |

I don’t make out of you however for me, going by regular stops and slopes are with no shade of doubt one amongst my loved hobbies. The peacefulness, tranquility and undisturbed nature have made me acknowledged for there is still a spot on earth that has been saved from the surge of cutting edge improvement.

One of it that we are discussing TODAY is The Penang Butterfly Farm.

Situated at Teluk Bahang, a short drive from the stretch of inns at Batu Ferringhi, the one hectares ranch are the homes and asylum to a wide assortment of creepy crawlies, reptiles, fishes, plants and naturally excellent butterflies.

Penang Butterfly Farm has a populace of 4,000 live tropical butterflies from 120 unique species, including some exceptionally uncommon and popular ones, similar to the Indian Leaf (Kallima Paralekta), the jeopardized Yellow Bird wing (Troides Helena) as well as the Rajah Brooke’s Bird wing, seemingly Malaysia’s most renowned butterflies. After coming to the homestead, a titan three horn rhino scarab statue sited on the artificial rocks will welcome and welcome you. Stopping is FREE in the event that you drive all alone.


You’ll have to pay extra charges before going in. Data handout is given after entering to walk your way to the homestead. The leaflet gives the real name of the plants, creepy crawlies and others little animals that can be found there.

Inside you can see rich and all around outlined arranged greenery enclosure lined with a few pathways. Along this pathway, you can discover creepy crawly station, for example, caterpillar, scorpions and monster millipede, streaming wellsprings and a fish lake. Naturally, you ought not overlook a large number of tropical butterflies flying uninhibitedly in the ranches.

Others exercises and fascination in Penang Butterfly Farms incorporates:

Smaller than normal Zoo – Consist of live accumulation of little bug, for example, grades reptiles, scarabs, horned amphibian, oriental water-winged serpent and some more.

Creepy crawly Museum – An extensive variety of bug species in plain view, for example, butterflies, scarabs reptile just to give some examples.

Workmanship and Artifact Gallery – Featuring the biggest presentation of South East Asian craftsmanship in the nation showing remarkable curious and tribal expressions

Blessing and Souvenir Outlet – Here you can discover loads of vital things, for example, key chain, beautiful precious stone paperweight utilizing dead creatures, glass replication of creepy crawlies and some more.

Caterpillar Club (CC) – Education to acquaint youthful ones with the universe of creepy crawlies and at the same time, give them a preliminary vibe of entomology, or the investigation of creepy crawlies. If it’s not too much trouble contact the Penang Butterfly Farm for more data about these projects. Unfortunately to say that butterfly is an extremely delicate animal and has a normal lifespan of just 3 days.

Additional stunning, as indicated by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, not in any case one butterfly animal groups has ended up wiped out through gathering. It’s the demolition of common natural surroundings that is accelerating the obliteration of the butterflies. Along these lines, welcome the excellence of this hypnotizing animal before it vanishes.

Discovering Melaka Herritage

Posted by on Oct 31, 2015 in Travel tips for bus rides in Singapore and Malaysia, Trip to Singapore/Malaysia |

Melaka, the truest state of Malaysia, is more than vestiges. You will Experience past the original structures and so on. Vacationer will take in more about the good society, legacy and convention of Melaka, for example, Baba and Nyonya, the legacy structures that dated back to the fifteenth and sixteenth hundreds of years and Melaka’s special luxuries. Invigorate your faculties and appreciate Melaka getting it done.

Legacy From Colonial Period: Porta de Santiago, Dutch Square, Proclamation of Independence Memorial

Think back the pioneer time of the Portuguese, Dutch and British amid their occupation in Melaka. Become acquainted with why and when the colonization happened as we follow the history through the vestiges and legacy structures. Ascend the St. Paul’s Hill and witness the all-encompassing perspective of Melaka.

Malay Heritage: Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum, Malay and Islamic World Museum, Islamic Museum

Get more inside and out learning about the Malay individuals; their traditions, custom, laws, taboos, and society. Find the historical backdrop of a once well known Malay Empire from its average starting till its ruin to the Portuguese.

Melaka By The River: Maritime Museum and River Cruise

Take in more about the maritime history of Melaka and the intense periods of Melaka’s Sultanate as the Emporium of the East. Investigate Melaka by cruising the waterway and find an one of a kind viewpoint of the city.


Old Town Of Melaka: Heeren Street, Jonker Street, Harmony Street

The Old Town of Melaka, there is more than meets the eye. Become more acquainted with Heeren Street as once a private road for the wealth amid the Dutch period. Find the genuine significance of a ‘Concordance Street’ and appreciate Jonker Street, a road in Chinatown, Melaka with numerous relics, material and craftsmanship stores and also displays. Try not to miss the notorious Jonker Street Night Market on weekend evenings.

Peranakan Heritage: The Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum and Nyonya Cuisine

Become more acquainted with one of Melaka’s different blend society, Peranakan. Take in more about the Baba and Nyonya’s traditions, conventions and ways of life. Have a yummy Nyonya lunch/supper that will fulfill your taste buds.

On The Road: Hang Li Poh’s Well, Sam Poh Kong’s Temple, Melaka Straits Mosque

Get on a private van and have a Melaka Street visit. Get around the city and look at some legacy places as you cruise. Find more about Melaka out and about.

Portuguese Heritage: Portuguese Settlement and Kristang Cuisine

Find another Melaka’s one of a kind exciting blend society, Kristang. Look at their ways of life and conventions with your own critical eyes. Have gone at having a Portuguese supper for a change, and you will surely ache for additional.

Discretionary TOURS

  • Ayer Keroh Attractions: – Melaka Bird Park, Mini Malaysia and ASEAN Cultural Park, Aborigine’s Museum, Reptile and Butterfly Park, Bee Gallery, Melaka Zoo, Crocodile Farm, Botanical Park and so.
  • Malay Heritage Trail: – Kampung Morten, Hang Tuah Center, Hang Tuah Well, Rumah Melaka and so on upon solicitation.
  • Beca (Trishaw) Ride, Taming Sari Tower Ride and so on upon solicitation
  • Altered Tour upon solicitation

Discovering KL City

Posted by on Oct 28, 2015 in BEST GUIDE Bus From KL to Singapore, Travel tips for bus rides in Singapore and Malaysia, Trip to Singapore/Malaysia |

My first experience with Malaysia was in 2014. To let you know reality, Malaysia was never on my agenda/list of things to get spots to see however has ended up being one of the spots I adore the most.

The excellence of travel is that you wind up meeting individuals who have quite recently come back from a destination that might not have been on your radar and can offer tips and guidance for spots you have not been. The same number of explorers will emphasize the world over, liberality is essential. Along these lines, if you have a craving for taking that hazard and going into the world, continue perusing for an early on manual for Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia.

The humming capital is home to more than 1.6 million individuals, the larger part of which are a mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian nationals of the Muslim and Hindu confidence. Getting around Malaysia is moderately bright. The official dialects are Malay, Mandarin, Hindi, and English; however, people communicating in English.

KL is a developed city, truly. It is absolute necessity sees the notorious Petronas Towers and KL TV tower. I need to say both are noteworthy from the outside and worth a look. There is a distribution of first start things out serve free tickets for the Petronas Towers. However, you’ll be a quick riser. Head down at 6 am to be at the front of the line, or you can buy tickets ahead of time for around 80 RMB on the web. I had the goal of getting up that early however never made it.

klcc 0001

klcc 0001

Spend the night down Jalan Alor

A short stroll from Bukit Bintang, Jalan Alor is unmistakably one of the best places in KL. Amid the night, this superb road wakes up and moves toward a flourishing eating road covered with plastic tables and seats. Eateries and sustenance trucks open their shades and broaden their eateries out into the asphalts. Shockingly, the movement is still permitted to pass so hope to play chicken while moving around a menu or two. Jalan Alor houses the best in typical Malay and Chinese food served in tapas style segments. The fiery stew squid and nectar sesame ribs ought to kick you off. After, proceed onward to attempt everyday pleasures, for example, Nasi Lemak and Laksa. Jalan Alor is an invited escape from the glossy indoor shopping centers, eatery networks and architect shops. Pick a seat confronting the street here and you can sit back, unwind and individuals watch until your souls content.

Get Fruity and attempt some Durian

Since you ought to take a stab at everything once right? The Durian organic product is the most well known and smells, in all honesty, revolting. Interestingly, the pungent smell of Durian is so awful it is banned in numerous inns and indoor territories, for example, a percentage of the shopping centers. Be that as it may, once you get the natural products, the thick yellow tissue is quite sweet and wonderful, on the off chance that you can hold up under the scent. On the off chance that you would preferably attempt some natural product that notices readier than crude, a choice of other famous organic products to attempt are Jackfruit, to some degree like Durian in elements and surface yet sweeter in taste and Rambutan, much the same as Lychee in taste and flavor. Keep going on this rundown is Mangosteen.

Best attractions in Singapore

Posted by on Oct 26, 2015 in Uncategorized |

The best fascination in Singapore was no simple undertaking; this is a city blasting to the creases with great things to see and do. Very nearly everybody will have seen a picture of the city’s image, the Merlion, and this makes our rundown close by the adjacent Marina Bay Sands SkyPark and Singapore Flyer – both of which offer great perspectives over the notable Singapore horizon.

Marina Bay

Singapore’s acclaimed Marina Bay is the spot to go to see the city’s most breathtaking side. With the quick advancement of this cosmopolitan city-express, the entire Marina Bay region has experienced a change of incredible scale. The Marine Bay complex is worth $5.5 billion, and a large portion of the lovely things to do and find in the range spin along the epic building as well as resort, for instance, the Museum, Casino plus alternate shopping and nightlife alternatives. Touch base at Marina Bay around 20:00 to get the great light appear, which enlightens the water and additionally a few symbol points of interest you’ve presumably seen on the postcard.

Clarke Quay

This delightful riverside advancement is stuffed brimming with clamoring bars and eateries, boutique shops and pumping dance club, drawing in a constant flow of vacationers nearby Singapore’s gathering creatures. Clarke Quay’s area exploits the beautiful waterway that rises out of the city’s primary stream, within the open air style feasting to be had in an infinite number of diners set along the water’s edge. Head on the cutting edge, jam like rooftop and you will locate some practical shopping alternatives and an abundant supply of bars, making this a genuine lushes’ paradise.



Chinatown is another Singapore symbol; it is awesome for shopping, to see all sort of critical attractions and experimenting with credible Chinese nourishment. There are numerous eateries and seller sustenance merchants to look over. Take in additional about its history from the Chinatown Heritage Center on Pagoda Street. Its primary center is on the Chinese outsiders who moved on with a hard life, were the radical group of persons who build Singapore. Different attractions take into consideration Thian Hock Keng sanctuary, the seasoned sanctuary in Singapore, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Eu Yan Sang Chinese Medical Hall and Maxwell Road Food Center.

Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is the world’s biggest perception wheel. A stand-out ordeal and assembled over a three-story terminal building, the Flyer is 150 meters in measurement, 165 meters high, and goes at 0.21m every second With stunning display sees that are so profoundly distinctive amid the day and during the evening, it is hard to pick the best time to take a ride. Travelers will get the opportunity to see such city sights as the Singapore River, Raffles Place, Marina Bay, Empress Place and the Padang.

Singapore Night Safari

Singapore Night Safari is genuinely an extraordinary fascination. It is a fascinating spot worth a visit as well as a capital preservation and examination focus in Asia. As a zoo, it offers a strange look into the nighttime set of all animals, with more than 59 shows and 1,000 creatures to be seen from around the globe. These take into account Himalayan griffon vultures, one-horned rhinoceroses, wildebeests, and gazelles. You can essentially begin with the ‘Animals of the Night’ show for a good 20-minute diagram of the creatures to be seen here.